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Hellion/Turn 14 Distribution

Outlaw Mustang

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Team Hellion is ready for the first test pass of the day at the Street Car Super Nationals Las Vegas ! 
Turn 14 Distribution Precision Turbo & Engine Modular Motorsports Racing - MMR

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Evolution Performance, Inc.

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The perfect street car.

Is that faster than Urist? She’s got a badass car




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My 2011 GT Hellion TT still running strong 740hp daily driver. Thanks John thanks Jeff !! You guys are 100% awesome to deal with!

Jesus. John says 650 to the tires at 6-7 psi. It's hard staying relevant with an old pushrod motor.

good on ya, and in the ford booth it appears

To sick

Kris Dwayne Weldy, what do you think?

Brian Warcup

Eddie Kloesel

Jason Velazquez

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Come by the Turbonetics Turbochargers and Precision Turbo & Engine booth at the #semashow to see the New Hellion Turbo gen 6 Camaro ss twin turbo kit! Turbosmart Nitto Tire Vossen Wheels Chevrolet Camaro

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Let’s hear those new compressor covers! πŸ€”


Marc Landgraf

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