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2000 RWHP Friday!!
This is what hauling the mail looks like!!!!

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Awesome pic!!

PowerNation TV

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What about the transmission?? Holding up

Pricing and when can it be ordered?

They made it look sooo easy! I don't think that my old 3.0 duratec 99 taurus has any turbo kits available and I don't know that the ax4n transmission would handle more than the alleged 200 hp the engine puts out. It's a grandma car but I think it would make the funniest sleeper.

Curious to see how it compares to the Ford 5.0 Coyote engine for durability, and how/if the LT1 direct injection handles it.

Need you some of this

Is there a kit for the c7 Corvette yet?

Looks sick Hellion John Urist!!!

Melissa Chavez 🤣

Colton Amster

Rome Romero

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Video image
Hellion Turbo customer Tom Kundrik, the Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels motorsports manager, just went 9.93 with his bolt on Hellion kit for the 2015-2017 GT! Tom has a stock engine with Circle D Specialties torque converter. He uses our standard 55mm Precision Turbo & Engine quick spool units and drives this car daily! Not bad for 90 degree weather! All work done by Livernois Motorsports & Engineering in MI. Turbosmart USA Bovs and boost controller!

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What does the car weigh? And how much Boost?

He's a second faster than my Hellion TT Daily...I gotta get an auto...lol

Tom, we need to talk.. ive gone 145mph on 13psi with all stock 1300mile car.. I literally drive this car back and forth to work 3 times a week and it runs absolutely perfect

This is the reason they dn't make an Eco Boost Coyote....way to easy to make it go fast lololol I remember when it took all your money and ex wives money to go 9's.

Lars Jepsen I figured a stalled 15 with 14lbs e85 would be faster than that >_<


That's a bad ass car you have there Tom. Have fun bro.

That's badass

Hell yeah, Tom!!!

hell yea!! looking good Tom! #standonthegas

Video? How much $$$ from stock to this?


Need a roll cage now ?

Wow way to go

Awesome Tom Kundrik! Next time turn off the AC!😂

Badass, Tom.

Nathan Clague wya 👀👀

Thomas Franczek

Randy Christian

Awesome Tom Kundrik!

Derek Domenico

Dickson Anthony N Logan



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