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What do we have here!!??? #turbovette #betterlatethannever #C7love #comingsoon

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Been waiting on this for awhile!..this really gonna happen?

Finally, I wanted this more than a procharger

When is this going to be available?

Time to ditch my procharger

Time to sell my S550 😳

oh my.

I'm in.

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CHECK OUT THE WORLDS FIRST TURBO BOOSTED 2018 MUSTANG GT!!!! This sick ride built by Tucci Hot Rods will be in the Ford Motor Company booth at the The SEMA Show in just a few weeks!! We will have this Hellion Eliminator kit available when cars start hitting the streets!  Tuned by Eddie at Addiction Motorsports with HP Tuners  Equipped with: Hellion Turbo Precision Turbo & Engine  Turbosmart Gforce Performance Engineering

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Did you move the widebands post turbo on this kit? Or you still leave them on the pressure side and pretend they don't read differently?

Didnt see any boost levels or numbers?

How about you post a video of it seeing boost since you claim it's tuned already. I bet it isn't.

I want this setup on my challenger.

Does the new mustang have the improved oil pump due to its higher redline or is this thing going to have oil pump failure issues too?

have they eliminated the MAF ?

Numbers yet?

Those 62mm?


I'm pretty sure mark lutton at Mmr Modular mustang Motorsports has a 2018 twin turbo and hey hold all the records of fastest Modular mustangs straight up. Only builder I'd go to. The brands are sick hellion speaks for itself but I wonder what he will have I k ow this year he had the fastest full bodied and race 5.0 mod mustang in the world and holds hella records! I've seen there 3500 hp lightning and about same power Shelby cobra either twin90's or twin 102's

If it's for SEMA it probably idles and you don't even really "tune" it for that. No numbers no care. #smokeandmirrors

Congrats! John is always on top of his game, He is on His own league and then every one else fallows saying they have a better system, yea right. Cant wait to see dyno numbers being a direct fuel inj........

Y'all guys work fast !!! Looks great can't wait to see what these put out on high boost and e85 If only y'all could up date the 4v cobra kits 😫

Such a pity no one can help to do a sale and ship to South Africa 🇿🇦! I tried with 4 different dealers/distributors!! 😭

Tony its looking like the s550 kit is potentially able to work on the 2018s...hmmmm

Jorge Iván Ortiz ves lo que te digo? El carro ni ha salido a venderse y ya lo han hecho Twin Turbo.

What was ford thinking with that ugly ass engine cover..

Couldn't find a smaller hot side on the turbo? LOL DAMN.

I would that kind of twin turbo set up on my Magnum SRT8

Nothing beats supercharging, turbo lags a lot

James Boggs this is what you need.

Almost looks factory..at the fmc booth hmmmmm.....

Trolls be thick in these parts.


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Lund Racing

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How does the "foot brake 2 step" work. I plan on auto swapping and I'm curious.

Chet Hewitt

Billet Pro Shop
2000 RWHP Friday!!
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